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mia adolphson:

artist-singer with Stardust in folksparkstour 1970; comedian, friend, also involved in the infamous Kitzbuhl-collarbone-korvkiosk-krash where Major & company were mowed down by 3 gargantuan Viet Nam vets: (they didnt like us singing Mozarts "Ave Verum Corpus") No Class!  So, end of ski vacation and Major in kraukenhaus for week with broken collarbone and concussion.

Now runs her own PR business    

Bo Anderson

Trumpet player, singer, longtime friend of Stardust.  Now soloist
with Ballroom Big Band.  Was once pilot for  Major & co.


Haide Hansen

Singer from Goteborg.  Sang in Folkpark summer show  1970.

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Matt Harrison

UK pianist, partner with Deri Rowlands on Ibiza and in Sweden, played with Stardust in Helsinki-Hisperia gig, July 1974.

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Henning Hendrix

Manager, supporter, expert on booking above arctic-circle Stardust tours!

Claude Hirt

Swiss pianist, replacement for Ferderik Grimm.

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Maritza Horn

Sang with Stardust at Bolaget and Strand 1975.

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Hayati Kafe

Turkish-Swedish jazz-singer and lifelong friend of Stardust family.

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Jurgen Linder

Sax-flute player, lifelong Stardust supporter, Hesperia mainstay, brother-in-law to Bo Tedner; involved in Kitzbuhel massacre.

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Anders Lindskog

Excellant tenorsax player,  longtime resident in gulahuset.

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David Reed

Sinatra-style singer from Las Vegas, long associated with Stardust. Lived periodically in gula huset, died in Bergerac France, 2007.

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Deri Rowlands: singer entertainer, from UK, sang with Stardust in Helsinki, still active.

Mike Watson: known in Sweden as “Little Mike;” Rock & Roll singer bass player. Played bass on Stardust LP, also lived in gula huset.
Now runs a riding school in S. Sweden