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┤Stardust international was formed in Sweden at a time when there was a great demand for dance bands.

The music of this period was either guitar groups, (Beatles, Rolling Stones etc.), or groups with horns and often a Hammond organ.

Since the band was going to play dance music, the boys had to make a compromise in choosing a style. In 1970 there were two bands who stood out on the international scene which suited the tastes of the members and had danceable songs: Blood Sweat & Tears and Chicago.

Their music formed the core of the repertoire. Other influences were the music of Jobim, Herb Alpert, and vocal groups like 5th Dimension who had a hit with “Let the Sunshine”. Needless to say the band was lucky that this so called “jazz rock” music was also selling well in Sweden.

There was no need to sing in Swedish at this moment in time as the public was used to hearing these songs on the radio. Of course the band could and did play the usual waltzs, tangos, swing songs and hits of the day as the public in the park halls demanded it.

Playing for the university students in Uppsala, Umeň, and Stockholm was more fun as the public was really “hip”. The band was also lucky to have a powerful singer (Tayfun) who could sing any style in English.

As time went on the band had to sing more commercial songs and in Swedish; needlees to say 1970 – 1974 was a great time to be a musician especially in Sweden.